The Dominican Republic is a land of white sand beaches fine, majestic natural landscapes of abundant palms of the Coco, of hospitable, pacific people, very glad and friendly; This divided in 29 provinces and a National District and enjoys to have a stable democracy.

This located in the same heart of the Caribbean, discovered by Cristóbal Colon in 1492, who was moved by its extraordinary natural beauty and it defined it as "A Miracle of the hand of God ".

Language: The Spanish is the official language, although other languages as the Italian
Ingles and very is spread. In the tourist localities they spoken in all the languages.

Climate: Wonderful, tropical, with temperatures that oscillate between 22 and 30 degrees. We will practically find the Sun all the times of the year.

Currency: The Dominican monetary unit is the peso. All the credit cards and the travellers-check are accepted.

Beaches: The beaches of Dominican Republic are known anywhere in the world by a report of the United Nations of 1968 that said thus: "Of all beaches of the world few have so transparent waters and so white sands that it seems a fantasy ". It is possible to say, without a doubt, that it is one of the beautiful places of the world.

Music : The Merengue, is the dance known like national, is a contagious rate and cheers that in addition it has caused rage internationally mainly in Latin America. In almost all the hotels of Dominican Republic it is taught to dance the Merengue. There are in addition other very popular rates as it is the Bachata, Mangulina and Carabiné.



Playa Cosón, Las Terrenas-Samaná,
Dominican Republic.
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